Butyl hydroxyanisole (BHA)

    Product name:Butyl hydroxyanisole (BHA)
    CAS NO.:25013-16-5
    Product introduction:BHA is a fat-soluble antioxidant suitable for fat foods and fat-rich foods. Due to its good thermal stability, it can be used under frying or baking conditions. In addition, BHA has a strong antioxidant effect on animal fats, but it has a poor antioxidant effect on unsaturated vegetable fats. BHA stabilizes the pigment of raw beef and inhibits the oxidation of ester compounds. The use of BHA in combination with sodium tripolyphosphate and ascorbic acid can delay the spoilage of frozen pork chops. BHA can slightly extend the shelf life of spray-dried whole milk powder and increase the shelf life of cheese. BHA stabilizes the color of peppers and paprika and prevents the oxygen of foods such as walnuts and peanuts
    Properties:White or yellowish crystal, melting point 48~63°C, boiling point 264~270°C (98 KPa), high concentration is slightly phenolic, soluble in ethanol (25 g/100 mL, 25°C), propylene glycol and grease ,Insol

    BHA is a good antioxidant that is not toxic at effective concentrations. As food antioxidants, it can hinder the oxidation of fats and oils and delay the time when foods begin to deteriorate. Its maximum amount in foods should not exceed 0.2g/kg in terms of fat. When the amount is 0.02%, the anti-oxidant effect is improved by 10% compared with 0.01%, and when the amount exceeds 0.02%, the anti-oxidation effect is decreased. When used as an antioxidant in cosmetics, it can act on antioxidants such as acids, hydroquinone, methylthio amino acids, lecithin, and dipropionic acid. It can also be used as feed antioxidant.

    Product category:Other Series
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