Sodium sulfite

    Product name:Sodium sulfite
    CAS NO.:7757-83-7
    Properties:colorless, monoclinic crystal or powder.

    1. For microanalytical determination of ruthenium and osmium and preparation of developer, also used as reducing agent; 2. For rayon stabilizer, fabric bleach, photographic developer, dyeing and deoxidizing agent, perfume and dye Reducing agent, paper lignin remover, etc.; 3. Used as common analytical reagents and photoresist materials; 4. Reducing bleach, which has bleaching effect on food and strong inhibition of oxidase in plant foods. 5. As a deoxidizer and bleaching agent, the printing and dyeing industry is used for the scouring of various cotton fabrics to prevent local oxidation of cotton fibers, affect fiber strength, and increase the whiteness of the boiled material. 6. The food industry is used as a bleaching agent, preservative, bulking agent, and antioxidant. Also used in pharmaceutical synthesis, used as a reducing agent in the production of dehydrated vegetables; 7. Used in the production of cellulose sulfite, sodium thiosulfate, organic chemicals, bleaching fabrics, etc., also used as a reducing agent, preservative, dechlorination Agents, etc.

    Product category:Other Series
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