Column-layer chromatographic silica gel

    Product name:Column-layer chromatographic silica gel
    CAS NO.:112926-00-8
    Properties:The column-layer chromatography silica gel is a white uniform particle and the main component is silica. With high purity, safety and health characteristics. It is a colloidal system with solid proper
    Application:Column chromatography silica gel is used for separation and purification of active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines, preparation of high-purity substances, refinement of petroleum products, dehydration of organic substances, and outstanding advantages of column chromatography silica gel in bioengineering technology. In the production process of raw materials, the acid bubbles and aging time are strictly controlled, and the high-temperature calcination technology is adopted, so the column chromatography silica gel has a rigid skeleton structure, high mechanical strength, and can withstand pressure within 30 MPa.Column chromatography silica gel has good thermal stability and chemical stability, and selective adsorption and purification of isomer components from multi-component solutions. In the preparation of the column chromatography silica gel, a series of products having an average pore size of 20A to 20000A° can be produced by controlling different process conditions so as to be suitable for the separation and purification of substances having different properties, molecular weights, and molecular structures. The column chromatography silica gel has a purity of more than 99%. Compared with the organic column packing, the silica gel is a colloidal solid with SiO2 as the matrix, and the structure is dense. Even if the organic matter is directly discarded, the target product is contaminated due to the loss of organic matter.
    Product category:Other Series
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