Product name:Diethylamine
    CAS NO.:109-89-7
    Properties:Colorless liquid, strong alkaline, corrosive, volatile, flammable.

    1. Used in the manufacture of medicines, pesticides, dyes, rubber vulcanization accelerators, textile auxiliaries and metal preservatives, emulsifiers, polymerization inhibitors, etc. It is also used as a refining solvent for waxes, an activator for conjugated diene emulsion polymerization, and an antifreeze for formulating engines. 2. Diethylamine is a solvent and a chemical raw material intermediate, which can be used to prepare drugs such as procaine, chloroquine, nikethamide, corramin and sulfonamide, and can also be used to produce pesticides, dyes and rubber vulcanization accelerators. , mineral processing chemicals, textile auxiliaries, fungicides, corrosion inhibitors, polymerization inhibitors and antifreeze agents. 3, for organic synthesis, dyes, drug synthesis. Used as an analytical reagent, such as a chromogenic reagent for the detection of thiobarbituric acid by thin layer chromatography. Also used as a preservative. 4. Used in organic synthesis and epoxy resin curing agent.

    Product category:Other Series
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