Product name:Ethoxyquinoline
    CAS NO.:91-53-2
    Properties:Light brown viscous liquid.

    The product is widely used as a feed and food antioxidant. The product is sprayed on the dehydrated feed or the pre-harvest feed crop to prevent the fat and protein feed from deteriorating during storage. It can be used for the preservation of medicines such as vitamin A and vitamin E. Prevent the formation of organic peroxides in canned meat foods and animal feeds. Improve the intake of vitamin E in chicks and use it to maintain normal levels. Improve carcass quality and increase animal weight. The product can also be used for the preservation of fruits such as apples and pears. It has been reported that ethoxyquin is an effective protective agent for preventing rubber poisoning in sheep. This product is also a polluting rubber antioxidant (antioxidant AW), mainly used in natural rubber and synthetic rubber, especially styrene butadiene rubber. Excellent resistance to oxygen and ozone, weather resistance, heat resistance and flex crack resistance

    Product category:Other Series
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