Product name:Gallnut
    Product introduction:Gallnut is a by-product of the forest, and it is the general term for the maggots parasitizing the formation of moths on the main axis, leaf fins, and small leaves of the leaves of Rhus chinensis, such as Rhus chinensis, Jasmine, and Red Bran. It is one of China's important resource insect products. It is also a traditional export trade product of China. Its products and quality rank first in the world. Therefore, it is also called “Chinese gallnut” internationally.
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    Properties:The bellies are oval in shape and have no horns. Horns are more than water chestnuts, with irregular angular protrusions. The double flower is chrysanthemum or celosia. The times are usually yellow-br
    AliasSalt bran leaf scorpion, scorpion, hundred insects warehouse, wood aconite, lacquer son, red leaf peach, dry granules, wu salt bubble.
    PinyinWu bei zi
    English nameChinese Gall, Chinese Nut-gall
    Herbal sourceIt is a larvae of the lacquer family tree, such as Humicola chinensis, Blast brazil, and Red Bran poplar.
    Growing environmentIt is distributed in shrubs and sparse forests of limestone hills and white hillslopes at altitudes of 350-3000 meters.
    Harvesting and storageHorns are picked from September-October, and the belly is picked in June. If the picking is over, the insects will crack. After harvesting, cook with boiling water for 3-5 minutes, kill the internal flesh, dry it or dry it.
    MedicinalAcid, astringent, cold
    Channel tropismLung, stomach, large intestine, liver, kidney
    EffectConvergence lung, antiperspirant, astringent intestine, solid essence, hemostasis, detoxification
    Effect classificationReceiving astringent medicine, heat-clearing medicine
    IndicationsLung deficiency chronic cough, spontaneous sweating, long-term sputum leakage, rectal prolapse, nocturnal emission, white turbidity, various bleeding, bloated sores
    Source"Chinese Materia Medica"
    Product category:Gallnut series
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